FedEx Shipping

FedEx Shipping integration.

FedEx Shipping integration.

Shipping via FedEx is faster and easier than ever before.

Easily control your customer
shipping preferences

Save and manage the FedEx shipping preferences for all your customers, and each of their ship-to addresses, with Komet. Just think of how much time you’ll save.

Synchronize your
shipments with FedEx

Your tracking information is automatically saved and available in Komet, and Komet order information is cross-referenced in your FedEx account. This gives you super-fast access to the details you need, when you need it.

Track shipments and
FedEx billing with 1 click

Just click a button on Komet’s shipping page to connect with FedEx and prepare shipments. It's that quick and that simple.

Generate FedEx shipping
labels with ease

You can also print FedEx shipping labels with 1 click, from Komet’s shipping page.

FedEx integration is an add-on product to your existing Komet Sales subscription.

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