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  • Understand the basic inventory management workflow in the Staging Area within Komet Sales
  • Confirm products from the Staging Area to Inventory
  • How to edit and update main product information and breakdown
  • Execute automated billing
  • Manage product aging and purchase order arrival dates
  • ...


The Inventory Staging Area course will help you save money by learning how to improve cash flows and allow sales to increase and expand. This course will explain the Inventory Staging Area workflow within the Komet Sales system. It will provide tips and hacks to sell your inventory and the different features to display more inventory.

Once Purchase Orders are successfully added to an AWB, they are sent to the staging area with an "In Transit" status until they arrive at the warehouse. From the Staging area, users can set the actual AWB number, add box dimensions, open boxes, and confirm products to the inventory.

At the end of the course, you will know the basic features of Inventory Management, confirm your products, and set up default pricing. Komet ́s features will allow you to optimize time and operations.

What you’ll learn

    • Understand the basic Inventory Management Workflow in the Staging Area within Komet Sales.

    • How to confirm products from the Staging Area to the Inventory.

    • How to edit and update primary product information and breakdown.

    • Execute automated billing.

    • Manage Product Aging and Purchase Order arrival dates.

    • Identify the meaning of warning messages.

    • How to split in-transit inventory line items.

    • Print receiving warehouse labels.

    • Validate received boxes by scanning.

    • How to view the Box Distribution report.

    • Export available reports.

Recommended Skills

    • Have a basic understanding of Purchasing and Inventory Management concepts.

    • Basic knowledge of the floral industry.

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