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Komet Sales allows adding UPC information on items when creating a Prebook. The UPC information will be automatically added to the Purchase Order once it is created, thus allowing vendors to view any UPC requirements directly from the Purchase Order. This is used for generating labels such as Mass Market Labels.

At the close of the course you will have an understanding of how you can manage your UPC information, allowing your sales team to have more control over their prebooks and operations.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Prebook UPCs & Specsheets workflow within Komet Sales
  • How to complete all the correct information for UPC
  • Edit an Existing Prebook to Add UPC Information
  • Set up the UPC & Specsheet for each customer
  • How to establish and automate the Pull Date for the UPC information
  • Print UPC information from the purchase order
  • How to download purchase order details with breakdown feature
  • How to use prebook templates and breakdown templates
  • Print Mass Market Box Labels

Recommended Skills

  • This course requires a basic knowledge about Prebooks in Komet Sales
  • Have an understanding of sales concepts
  • Basic knowledge of the floral industry
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