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  • Understand the basic warehouse Shipping workflow within Komet Sales
  • How to manage and view warehouse invoices
  • Adding a reference number to an invoice
  • How to add the Declared Value
  • How to configure the remote printers
  • Inventory Process Considerations for consolidation
  • ...


Komet Sales allows to create mixed boxes with multiple products for one or more boxes on the E-commerce platform. The products from which customers can choose to build mixed boxes will be those in the Vendor Availability list. In order for the customer to use this option, the Vendor Availability feature must be enabled.

In this course, you will acquire knowledge on how to manage your mix boxes and of the factor settings for your company. The factor allows the user to determine the minimum and maximum factor (capacity) of a particular box type. This will avoid the box to be filled beyond its capacity when the box is being built through E-commerce with assorted Vendor Availability product.

By the end of the course, you will be able to setup and edit the factor of the products, product packs & box dimension for E-Commerce purposes. 

What you’ll learn

  • Understand company e-commerce Vendor Availability settings
  • Manage customer & company product pack settings
  • Set up price lists for the products to be sold in mixed boxes.
  • Tracking of e-commerce mixed boxes orders
  • How to view your customers e-commerce when using the Mix Boxes tab
  • Control factor by using the Product, Product Packs & Box Dimensions

Recommended Skills

  • This basic course requires basic knowledge of Komet Sales.
  • Basic knowledge of the floral industry.
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