Alejandro Perez

CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) / CEO

I'm a passionate, creative and self-motivated individual who is absolutely crazy about technology and loves to experiment with it on a daily basis. I also love learning from people (everyone is a teacher), the outdoors and most of all having fun with my wife and kids!

Daniel Giraldo

COO / Team Coach

I'm a Computer Engineer since 2007 and started to work for Vertical Technologies in 2009. I like software development, but being a team leader and helping them grow is one of the things I enjoy the most. I like sports in general, specially soccer.

David Osorio

Analyst Developer

I started working for the company on April 16th of 2011 as technical support and after 8 months I got promoted to Analyst Developer, which is my current job. I'm known for being very easy going and also because I run the office’s candy shop.

Diego Garcia

Senior Researcher

I have been working as an Engineer for about 7 years and I have always felt passionate about software development, from the initial concept of the idea all the way to the final product. I love reading and experimenting with new technologies.

Pablo Robles

Agile Team Promoter

I love being challenged because it pushes us to exceed our limits allowing us to grow as human beings and professionals.

Johan Hidalgo

R&D Engineer

I'm passionate for everything that's technology related and I like to read the latest news in order to be up-to-date with everything that's going on. I'm a music fan, I can't live without it being a part of my daily activities. I love animals and nature, and enjoy spending time with my friends.

Catalina Correa

Financial Manager

I’m responsible for providing financial advice and support for the decision making process regarding the business. I’m friendly and kind, since I’ve been working for Komet I have become more flexible in terms of my working environment. I love yoga and Dogs.

Francisco Perez

Performance Guru

I started working for the company on February 18th of 2013 as an Analyst Developer. I like web development, business intelligence and mobile apps development. I'm happily married and enjoy motorcycle rides with my wife.

Oscar Garcia

PMM (Product & Methodology Mentor)

I'm a Computer Engineer with more than 7 years of experience in all phases of the lifecycle of information systems, especially for web applications built in Java for the banking and finance sector.

Manuel Leudo

Analyst Developer

I'm a System Engineer from the “Universidad Nacional” and I'm very interested in the front end web development.  I consider myself a very calm person and I enjoy meeting new people and learning from them. I love dancing.

Sebastian Salinas

Game Developer

I am a young man with the soul of a child. For me the most important thing in life is to be happy and I’m still impressed by small things. You can always find in me a smile and a positive answer. I am thirsty for knowledge and enjoy adrenaline.

Maria Sanchez

Analyst Developer

I am disciplined in everything I do, I like challenges and love to learn new things that add positive value to my life. I love hockey. I like cats, going to the gym and dancing; love to travel and enjoy nature.  

Alexandra Florez

Customer Experience Visionary

I'm a music lover, happy, patient and friendly. I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people from different places in the world. I believe that everything is possible in life if we work hard to get it.

Alejandro Yarce

Analyst Developer

I'm passionate about technology, music, robotics and development. I like to do things right and enjoy everything I do. I do whatever I can to spend time with my son.

Diana Ponce

Quality Assurance Analyst

QA analyst who loves learning continuously, watching neuroscience documentaries, astrology and listening to music. I always do my best to see the positive side of things and smile to brighten my days.

Ana Karina Hernández

Happiness Provider

I consider myself a risk taker and an outgoing person. I get along with pretty much anybody I can have a conversation with. I’m passionate about fitness, I love working out and having a good time. My goal in life is to simply live life and take it one step at a time.

Daniel Londoño

Business Specialist

I am passionate about Mechatronics and technology. Very creative person and easy-going. When it comes to work I am very dedicated and focused on what I do and will not rest until is done.

Sebastián Tobón

Web Developer

I'm passionate about programming, create new ideas and watch them grow slowly. I consider myself responsible and eager to face new challenges. I love reading comics, a good dose of video games and JavaScript!

David Muñetones

Development Soldier

I am a happy person who enjoys seeing someone else being happy. I enjoy learning, programming and seeing how what once was in my head transforms into lines of code.

Pablo Arango

Analyst Developer

I am a person who is happy and likes to dream, passionate about my job, and my career, always interested in learning and serving.

Verónica Pérez

Creative Marketing Visionary

I am a joyful and disciplined person. I also consider myself responsible and committed to what I do. I am a person who’s always willing to learn and available to help others. I enjoy  teamwork. I love to travel, interact with new cultures and I enjoy spending time with my family.

Alejandro Acosta

Sales and International Business Analyst

I am a professional in International Business. I am passionate, responsible, serious, honest, quiet. Also, I consider myself a person who enjoys learning new skills. In my spare time, I like to play soccer, practice languages, spend time with my family and friends, watch movies, study information about any particular topic.

Marcela Saracay

Friendly Solutions Provider

I love helping and finding solutions that enable us to enjoy life to the fullest. Traveling and learning past cultures is my new found hobby. I enjoy work, family, friends, yoga, coffee and spending as much time as possible with my dog.

Danny Rodriguez

Customer Service Guru

I’m one of those people that believe you must take advantage of every opportunity life presents to you. The worst thing in life is wondering what if!

Leandra Montoya

Occupational Health Assistant

I'm doing my internship in occupational health. My work fascinates me since I feel proud about it and I love to help people. I consider myself a cheerful person and a dreamer. I love music, art, and people that make me laugh.

Daniel Rendón

Web Developer

I’m a Systems Engineer with emphasis on the development of web solutions. I love to learn new technologies and I’m very committed to everything I do. My passions are football, programming and drawing.

Juan Camilo Jaramillo

Visionary Graphic Designer

I describe the way I work as the result of my passion for what I do everyday. This is because in everything I analize and investigate, I fill myself with the simplest and most brilliant things the world has and that surround me. This allows myself to build ideas directed to an effective communication.

Carlos Parra

Mad Scientist

I’m a curious individual fascinated with life.

Juan Vanegas

QA Analyst

I am a test analyst and I like web and mobile development. I love software testing and the reason of my passion for development is to understand the developer and its environment in order to improve the quality of the software projects.

Manuel Guerrero

Cultural Mediator

I am crazy about communication, writing and reading. I think learning a language is the best way to enrich your mind, that is why I work as a french and english translator and sign language interpreter. I really like travelling and meeting new people.

Carlos Andrés Restrepo

Analyst Developer

I’m passionate about discovering and learning new technologies, always looking forward to improve both professionally and personally. I also like to help in situations where I can be productive.

Pablo Quiceno

Web Developer

I'm passionate about software development. I like to constantly learn about anything related to technology and I always look forward to do things correctly. I also like motorcycles and extreme sports.

Kevin Gómez

Ninja Web Developer

Identify a problem, think about its solution, turn it into a software and boost it through marketing to share it with the world has always been my passion. I'm obsessed with Metrics, Software, and Web Design.

Sebastian Higuita Castañeda


I'm focused on the daily learning of new technologies, very passionate about programming. I'm also a rock, metal, and guitars lover.

Janeth Milena Bedoya

Talent Manager

I'm an honest, friendly, and straightforward person. I enjoy simple things in life as well as traveling and discovering new cultures. I'm always seeking for places to develop my hobbies while learning at the same time.

Jose Manuel Rios

Analyst Developer

I’m passionate about software development.   I am self-taught but I also like to learn from others. What I enjoy the most is spending time with my family and playing football.

Milena Jaramillo

Traveler PO (Product Owner)

I'm a responsible and friendly person and I love travelling! Seeing a custumer's satisfaction face when receiving an excellent service quality is my biggest pleasure.

Daniel Mazo

Analyst Developer

I consider myself a lover of art and a creator of it, whether playing the guitar or creating software. I like to turn ideas into reality and to prove that nothing is impossible for us.

Diana Gonzalez

Social Marketing Creator

I am a super proactive person always looking to bring out the best in those around me. Passionate about giving the best of myself in every single aspect of life and hurdling over obstacles! Creating is the best part of life, and I choose to create all around me.

Sebastián Chalarca

Analyst Developer

I consider myself a disciplined and dedicated person. I like to do sports on my free time, investigate new web technologies and spend time with my family.

Freider Arroyave

Mr. Enabler

You are the most important person in this relationship. My life mission is to help others and make sure that you achieve your goals! It’s very satisfying to know that I was part of someone’s growth. I like to learn and talk about everything.

Karen Chavarro

Dreamer QA

I’m a Systems Engineer, I love my job. I love to learn, dance, travel, smile and I enjoy simple things in life.

Anthony Palacio

Customer Happy Helper

I’m a very friendly person, kind and respectful. I love playing videogames and electronic melodic music. I am a DJ/Producer and I like to create new ideas. I’m always willing to help and deliver good service.

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