Pricing is one of the most important pieces of information for you to know how profitable is your business and the value of the inventory you are currently having.

In Komet Sales, you can manage everything related to prices for products in your inventory, staging area, E-commerce inventory and even from the future inventory. You can know exactly how much to sell your products by calculating your Gross Profit Margin (and/or Markup) from your landed costs. All of these calculations will be made automatically through the system.

This course is intended for people that manage inventory, sales and procurements Managers. You will have a clear understanding on how to manage prices in the Komet Sales and have a clear control on the margins you wish to obtain.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the basic inventory pricing workflow within Komet Sales
  • How to Set up prices
  • Hold items from the sales inventory
  • Manage prices in the staging area items
  • Set pricing for future inventory
  • How to massively update pricing information
  • Upload prices from excel file
  • How to enter key behaviours for different pricing options
  • How to set limits for E-Commerce prices
  • View and export available reports on the summary screens

Recommended Skills

  • Have a basic understanding of purchasing and inventory management concepts.
  • Basic knowledge of the floral industry


III001 - Inventory Staging Area
III002 - Inventory Summary

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