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Future Sales is a powerful tool that integrates the sales and procurement departments in an efficient way. It improves the sales department performance since they will see incoming available products and be able to sell or allocate the inventory to a customer, and setup shipping dates based on that future availability.

Also, the sales team will avoid over purchasing products and they won’t have to place a separate requirement for the product that is already underway. This also leads to zero current stock waste, allowing sales to sell only the freshest products to their customers.

At the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of Future Sales Inventory and how to manage your prebooks, optimizing your time and efforts, resulting in more sales.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Sales Workflow within Komet Sales for Future Sales inventory for Prebooks            
  • How to Create Future Sales Orders
  • Manage available truck dates for future inventory
  • How to share future inventory availability
  • Administer future sales pricing
  • Aging of Future Sales Products
  • Allocating future inventory to existing prebooks
  • Create future sales prebooks with additional charges
  • Track the invoice and vendor shipping status of the future sales Prebook Orders
  • How to export your summary screen information

Recommended Skills

  • This course requires a basic knowledge about Prebooks in Komet Sales
  • Have an understanding of sales concepts
  • Basic knowledge of the floral industry
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