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Allocating products and billing can be a difficult task when it comes to handling many customers and orders every day. Komet Sales has a couple of options to help you create and send invoices to your customers automatically.

This course is intended for salespeople that want to understand how to allocate products both individually or massively to bill several Prebooks at the same time.

When a prebook has been manually allocated, the system will validate which of the boxes are pending to be billed. This way when the product arrives and it gets confirmed from the Staging Area to Inventory, the system will only invoice the pending items and the rest of them will be released to Open Market. This course will optimize your processes and have a better management of you inventory and customers.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Prebook Allocations workflow within Komet Sales
  • How to allocate pre-sold items to invoice orders that have not been billed
  • Mass Allocation Process
  • Add and edit general notes to Prebooks from the Allocations View
  • Track and manage billed boxes
  • Include Open Market inventory on the allocation process
  • How to unallocate product that was already billed

Recommended Skills

  • This course requires a basic knowledge about Prebooks Basics in Komet Sales
  • Have an understanding of sales concepts
  • Basic knowledge of the floral industry
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