Vendor Availability

Vendor Availability

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  • Understand the basic warehouse Shipping workflow within Komet Sales
  • How to manage and view warehouse invoices
  • Adding a reference number to an invoice
  • How to add the Declared Value
  • How to configure the remote printers
  • Inventory Process Considerations for consolidation
  • ...


Vendor Availability is an optimal way of uploading the availability your vendor wishes to share with you and have it on your platform for the sales team and customers to see. The data of both current and projected inventory will be automatically displayed on Prebooks, Stand Alone Purchase Orders (PO) and E-commerce.

In this course, your sales and procurement team will learn how to create prebooks and purchase orders based on future availability. All orders made through Vendor Availability will automatically generate a Purchase Order, to be confirmed for the specific item, quantity and vendor selected.

By the end of the course, you will see the advantages of being able to view the availability of multiple vendors and purchasing items based on availability, and viewing and comparing costs prior to placing orders. This leads to accurate information about your vendors in real time

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Vendor Availability workflow within Komet Sales.
  • Create prebooks and purchase orders from Vendor Availability
  • How to configure E-commerce settings to display the product projections.
  • Add mixed boxes
  • How to manage vendor availability price lists
  • Administrate vendor availability inventory
  • How to upload a csv Vendor Availability file
  • Manage vendor availability reports
  • Add notes to purchase order items coming from Vendor Availability

Recommended Skills

  • This course requires a basic knowledge about Prebooks and Purchase Orders in Komet Sales
  • Have an understanding of sales and procurement concepts
  • Basic knowledge of the floral industry
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