When a customer receives damaged products or products with any other issue, they may request a credit from your company. This credit can then be submitted for review by the sales manager and ultimately be Approved or Rejected. If the credit is approved, it will affect the customer invoice and will be reflected as a credit on the customer's statement.

This course is intended to give you an understanding of how to issue customer credits and learn the common actions users can perform with credits, such as transfer customer credits to vendors, approve or reject credits, as well as reopen credits.

By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding on how to manage customer credits, thus optimizing your operations and reducing administrative time from your sales teams.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Sales Workflow within Komet Sales to issue customer credits
  • Create and edit customer credits from a sales order
  • How to create standalone credits: a credit that is not associated with an invoice.
  • Associate a customer credit to a vendor credit
  • How to manage the status of customer credits
  • Manage the credit approval process
  • How to audit a customer credit
  • View credit status grouped by invoice number (if there are multiple credits associated).
  • How to upload proof of damage files to credits
  • Manage Credit Reasons
  • Export your summary screen information

Recommended Skills

  • This course requires a basic knowledge about Order Entry in Komet Sales
  • Have an understanding of sales concepts
  • Basic knowledge of the floral industry
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