3 Tips to Improve Your Komet Experience

Originally published Monday, August 12, 19

Are you currently using our Knowledge Base for your daily inquiries regarding all of our system’s processes? Here, you can find all detailed documentation for all of our updates and features that add value to your business. Besides being able to use our fully documented processes as a guide, you are able to learn more about the system and how it operates with our glossary ...

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Hard Goods Management made Easier and Faster

Originally published Thursday, August 08, 19

Komet Sales is now making hard goods management easier! Are you currently processing hard good purchases or sales on Komet? Now you can open boxes from the Add Order screen, automatically identify when a box must be opened and apply an additional Markup when selling hard goods by unit.

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Integrating Your Way to Success!

Originally published Tuesday, July 09, 19

Komet Sales helps simplify processes by allowing you to integrate all of your tools from our very own platform. This effect is known as the Platform Effect, where you’re able to easily connect your other tools to Komet through our very own API. You, your vendors and/or clients can save time and automate process ...

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Guide to Faster Payment Processing

Originally published Thursday, May 30, 19

Need more exciting news? Komet is working on enabling a new payment method which will appear as a setting in your Accounts Receivable settings screen called Credit Card Terminals. This new setting will allow you to receive payments from a physical terminal already configured in your location ...

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Armellini's Aelis 4 with Komet Sales

Originally published Thursday, May 09, 19

I’m Mark Sterling, vice president of Special Projects at Armellini and I’ve been working at Armellini for over 20 years where I started as a warehouse supervisor. I’ve been walking around Komet Sales’ offices, drinking a lot of coffee and all the good food Doña Emilia and Medellin has to offer on many trips that I’ve made to Komet Sales.

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Fast and Secure Payment Processes

Originally published Tuesday, March 26, 19

Komet is changing the way you process payments on the app! Our team is working on providing fast and secure payments through Clearent, a credit card processing company with a strong reputation in transparency and efficient payments. This means that you’ll be able to buy through our system from multiple saved credit cards.

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What happens if you missed your sales target by 17%?

Originally published Tuesday, February 26, 19

As a sales organization, your main function and purpose is to generate sales. Your customer has options available to them, yet your goal is to keep them loyal to purchasing from you. But, buyer expectations and habits have been rapidly evolving, and that is only going to accelerate. So, it is even more critical ...

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Improving the Floral Supply Chain

Originally published Friday, February 22, 19

Have you ever wondered how the fresh flowers given or received on special holidays get from farms to your vase? Florists and every floral industry key player constantly improve their supply chain to make sure their customers have fresh products. This, of course, is done by shortening the number of days ...

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The Floral Industry is Getting Ready for the High Season

Originally published Friday, February 01, 19

We all know that flowers are one of the most popular gifts for special dates such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, but did you know that of approximately $19.600 million dollars spent on gifts, around $2.000 million dollars are spent on flowers? The amount of money spent on flowers is expected to grow ...

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Analyzing Your Data for Floral Success

Originally published Thursday, January 17, 19

Every company has its secret weapon that helps improve and speed up the decision making process. Speaking for the flower industry, data analysis can really help reach your sales goals and is particularly helpful in high peaks. Let’s take a look at a few tips to gear your company toward floral success ...

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