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We’ve Gone 100% Remote

I'm happy to announce that after 5 years of enjoying our beautiful office space in Medellín we've decided to shut it down and go completely remote! Why? Well, the short answer is nobody wanted to go back to the office. After we started working remotely when COVID hit last March, we all realized that we were able to do the same (and in many cases much more) while reducing our commuting hours down to 0. In most cases, daily commutes ate up between 1 - 3 hours PER PERSON PER DAY, which is completely bananas.

Let's say you're on the low end of the spectrum and your commute took 1 hour a day. That's 20 hours a month commuting. If your commute took 3 hours a day, it's 60 hours a MONTH commuting. If you spent half of that time doing something else (learning something new, practicing a sport, hanging out with family & friends, etc) you quickly realize that there's so much more valuable things to do with all of that new available time. 

So we've embraced this new change with full optimism and enthusiasm, and as a company we're ready to move forward and adopt this new way of working. We've already seen some great benefits such as having people from other places of the world join our team as well as converting some of our meetings from synchronous to asynchronous. We purchased Vimeo so that we can communicate and share using video, as well as ThreadIt so that we can efficiently run asynchronous meetings. 

There's a certain level of nostalgia since those 5 years in our office really helped shape who we are as a company as well as our culture. We were fortunate enough to have greeted many friends, customers and vendors in this space.

But then again, it's as simple as evolving or dying, and when pretty much all of the team decided that we didn't need an office, we just shut it down. We've started to do an in-person meeting every 2 months so that we can all get together and catch up. We're excited about this new change and we're confident that it'll allow us to generate more value for our customers! 

Alejandro Pérez