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Allow Your Vendors to Help You With Your Purchases

Most flower companies have a very low buyer to salesperson ratio. This means that you have a lot of people selling a lot of flowers, but only one (or maybe a few) people that are tasked with buying the products. With the large availability of options that are out there, it's no wonder buyers are normally working at 100% capacity or more for prolonged periods of time. 

However, there's an alternative approach that can be used by the buyers, and it consists in partnering up with their most important vendors so that they (the vendor) can help the buyers (their customer) with some of the load. Komet Sales makes this process a breeze as you only need to allow vendors with the ability to create purchase orders on your behalf. 

The saying "trust but verify" must be applied here, as you want to make sure that the vendors do the work but that the buyer confirms the transaction before the PO becomes a confirmed one. This is automatically handled by the system, and once a vendor creates a PO the buyer simply reviews the PO and confirms it. After a PO is confirmed it cannot be modified by the vendor.  

By using this feature a buyer can rather focus on negotiating items via their preferred channel with many vendors in a shorter period of time due to the time savings of not having to create each PO. On the other hand, most vendors will be delighted of having the opportunity to helping you buy more from them. 

Alejandro Pérez