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Are Your Vendors Taking Advantage of Komet’s API?

As your buyers process orders and purchase items, the system creates the corresponding purchase order documents that are then sent via email to the vendors. This process works very well as it ensures that both parties are crystal clear as to what they agreed upon (products, quantities, prices, ship dates, etc), but it still requires a lot of manual work. 

Once a vendor receives a purchase order via email, someone has to read the PO and process it in their own system. In most cases, this requires someone taking the actual PDF, reading it through and rekeying all of that information into their own system. This will inevitably result in errors due to typos or simple human mistakes, which will then create problems as the shipments can go out with issues (quantities, prices, products, etc). 

Instead of having your vendors manually process this information, they can directly pull this data from Komet's API. This way any purchase order that you send out to a vendor can be automatically loaded into the vendors system. The end result is that your vendors will have more accurate info in their systems and will pretty much eliminate all data entry related errors. 

So what's needed in order to make this a reality? Your vendors need to be able to get the information from Komet Sales via a unique vendor API token that is provided to each vendor. The following guideline explains the process that needs to happen in order to achieve this. This guideline can be used with any vendor system provided that they work on the integration with Komet's API. 

Last but not least, vendors can start taking advantage of our Komet Network Codes standards in order to streamline the data mapping process. We're currently providing standardized categories and colors, with more standardized objects coming in the next few weeks. 

If you have any questions or don't know how to start please contact our support team and we'll be more than happy to help you. 


Alejandro Pérez