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4 Ways K2K Helps You Maximize Your Sales

Sometimes we can get caught up in our busy day-to-day operations but we must remember to never lose focus of what’s really important, selling! That’s why we’re always looking for ways to maximize sales in the less time possible. With Komet’s K2K (Komet to Komet) you have a very powerful tool to help optimize your processes and maximize your sales, remember that to benefit from K2K both parties need to be on board with Komet. Here are four ways K2K can help boost your sales.

Multiply Your Market

Do you wish you could share your inventory with more potential customers? With K2K you can automatically multiply your market with the visibility your products get. How, you ask? Just integrate as many customers as you want so that not only does your customer’s procurement team have access to your inventory but also their customers.

Automate Your Sales Process

Avoid calling, emailing and sending files every time you update your inventory so your customers know what’s at hand. All you need to do is update your inventory in the system and it will automatically be reflected onto your customer’s platform so that you can start boosting your sales.

Set Up Your Prices Easily

You don’t have to remember every charge that needs to be added every time you sell a product. Komet helps you automate these prices with a one time set up of your landed costs components and also gives you the option of using price lists or even setting up prices on the go.

Automate Invoicing

Not only do your products have more visibility, but with every purchase, the system takes into account your company’s GPM for online pricing so once your customer receives an Order, it can be automatically invoiced to your company.