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Cross-Dock Shipping Improvements and Benefits

Many businesses are increasingly using the Cross-Dock Shipping option in Komet Sales to improve their logistics operations. Recently we have enhanced the readability of the Cross-Dock label and other screens within the system, making it easier for users to identify Cross-Dock Shipping orders and filter shipments by type. Additionally, we have optimized the scanning instructions and added helpful information to the API methods.

By implementing Cross-Dock Shipping, your supply chain process can become faster and more efficient and reduce warehouse work. The process is easy to use with this new integration, from Sales Entry, to Grower Labeling, to Warehouse Receiving, and Shipping. Plus, third-party handling companies may offer lower rates for Cross-Dock boxes.

If you want to learn more about how Cross-Dock Shipping can help streamline your warehouse operations and reduce handling costs, please click here or check out our Quick Start Guide. Our Customer Support team can assist you with any questions or additional help.