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Help Your Vendors Use the Vendor Portal Three Different Ways

Getting your vendor, whether this one is a wholesaler, an importer or a grower, to use the vendor portal can be tricky. There can be a bunch of reasons as to why your provider may have difficulties using the portal. One of them (and the most obvious one) is that they’re probably not using Komet as their core system and getting used to a new platform can be just plain hard – especially if you don’t consider it part of your job.

So, how do you get over these hurdles and encourage your vendor to use Komet to process your orders? Spoiler alert: Facilitating the transaction between both parties is key to this type of relationships! Here are a few ways in which you can make it easy on them:

If language is a challenge

  • A lot of vendors are located elsewhere (specifically in South America) and there may be language barriers when it comes to learning the system. If this is the issue, you can direct them to our Knowledge Base where there is a full explanation of the Vendor Portal in Spanish.
  • Our customer service team is 100% bilingual! If your vendor has questions just have them give us a call, we’re happy to help.

If your vendor doesn’t use a system

  • Have them upload invoices into Komet by sending them as an attachment via email. This must be previously configured and the vendor has to send the email with specific information but it may ease their operational struggles.

If your vendor uses their own system

You can create a brand new token within Komet to let your vendor connect the vendor portal with their software or platform through our API in two ways:

  • Purchase Order List: This one will transfer information specific to each vendor into their software showing them which Purchase Orders (PO) were requested. You can even choose if only PO’s under a certain status (i.e.: Confirmed Orders) are to be transferred over the vendor’s platform.
  • Add Purchase Orders to AWB: When you generate a token for this function, the system will let you add an existing Purchase Order item in an AWB.

Remember that the Vendor Portal has no extra charge with the Komet plan and you can create as many users & passwords for your vendors as you need. To know more about our API, just check out our white paper on the subject and learn about applications and all the basics.