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Komet’s New Online Shopping Experience

Selling online needs to be quick, easy and visually appealing. Being able to view the product being purchased is maybe even more important than the price itself, it’s confidence in knowing that you’re able to see exactly what you’re buying. Komet’s new e-commerce customer experience lets you give your customers what they want! You now have the option to choose which users should have access to the visual version so instead of having a list-like option to make purchases, they can view an online store full of your flowers and bouquets.

Setting Up Your New E-commerce

This new version will depend upon activating a setting at the customer level and once you do so, users will be able to browse, filter and view all items available through the online store. That’s it! The main page will display product images, product descriptions and prices. Open Market, Future Sales and Vendor Availability inventory will be available through this version of e-commerce.

Making a Web Order

While making an online order, users will be able to increase or decrease quantities, choose dates of delivery or shipping, change the ship to address (if available for the customer), and add an “order name” which will become the mark code for their order. The price will be displayed per unit but since web orders can only done in boxes, the system will add the quantity of units to calculate the total amount of boxes being sold.

Checking Out

The checkout process is simple and quick. Customers will be able to view the total amount purchased, the detailed information for each product line and complete the order with a one-click confirmation.

Also, Orders and Prebooks can now be placed under the same “web order” even if the products need to be delivered on different dates, as the reference number for the online order will be the same but products to be delivered on different dates will be split into Prebooks and orders respectively. Confirmation emails will be sent with Komet’s order numbers for internal use to customers and sales persons.

You now have more than enough information to get started with the visual version of the ecommerce platform. If you have any further questions, please be sure to contact us at or +1 (786) 206-0554.

If you want to learn how to use it, please check out our webinar on the power of a visual e-commerce in the floral industry.

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