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Making Your Processes Simple, Traceable and Secure!

Komet is a cloud-based system designed by the floral industry and for the floral industry to make your life simpler. But how does Komet help make your life simpler? In your daily tasks, you’re faced with some challenges and if you add manual processes to the equation, you may be investing more time than necessary. Here are the top 5 problems Komet helps solve: Inventory Management, Managing Invoices, Managing Purchase Orders, Sales Management and Shipping.

Inventory Management: having a greater control over your inventory is key to being able to sell more products in less time, especially after special holidays. Komet helps you find your products easier, reducing time in calls and allowing your vendors and clients access to your real-time inventory. 

Managing invoices: Komet is a system that allows you to trace every part of the transaction process. Managing invoices and being able to keep track of your client’s payments helps keep your business up to date and allows a greater control of your sales.

Managing Purchase Orders: creating Purchase Orders, sending them to your vendors, uploading them to the system, then keeping track of your orders can be far more simple and traceable. Besides the fact that you’re saving time on buying, you can also count with a 24/7 availability and a very easy-to-use system to be able to fulfill your procurement needs. 

Sales Management: so you get an order and a whole process opens up. Here’s how we can help you make this process simpler, keeping an eye on the progress, allowing a better communication with the whole warehouse department to help you gather your order and also allowing you to complete orders with “Order Fulfillment” feature. All of this information and process in just one place!

Shipping: Komet helps you keep a transparent shipping process. After making sure your products are in the right place, the final step of the process is quite simple. Your warehouse team prints the required pick tickets and shipping labels so that your products can be taken off your shelves and ready to ship. In the meantime, you can analyze the time and productivity of this progress in Komet. 

These are just a couple of ways Komet helps make your life simpler. Allowing you to do your job in less time and all in one place, what are you waiting for to have a more simple, traceable and secure process