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5 Quick Tips for the Floral Holidays

If you’re anything like us, you started planning for the holidays quite a bit ago and are well underway to a successful holiday season, or what’s left of it- we should say. The floral holidays take a lot of planning and work in advance but everything really pays off when you can successfully fill all of the orders that were placed by your customers.

Here are 5 basic tips to take under consideration (if you haven’t already done so) for this season:

Vendor Projections

It is unbelievably important to have a general idea of what items – and how much of it – your vendors expect to have available during the floral holidays so you can properly plan your purchasing needs. Most vendors offer this information quite a bit in advance so you can take advantage of that and integrate it into your planning. Komet allows this integration through our Vendor Availability tab making this step extra easy.

Future Sales

During the season when demand is at its ultimate high, you have to ensure your stock as vendors usually sell to the highest bidders. Ok, homework number one on this one, build a super strong relationship with your vendor! If it’s already too late this year, you should consider making Future Sales. Not only will you be able to purchase in advance but also sell in advance!


A crucial part of all planning efforts inevitably involve some type of marketing. A simple and effective way of attracting customers during this season is online offers and promotions. Komet has an option through e-commerce to send all the messages you need through your platform.

Special Holiday Orders

Now, here’s an idea to help with your customer’s planning. Most companies have recurring orders all year round and just need an extra boost of the same products during the floral holidays. Ta-da! Just duplicate the orders! We have a special feature for holidays in our standing orders tab to “double up” your standing orders.


Unfortunately, planning isn’t always perfect and even when everything goes perfectly smooth, your customers might be have unexpected needs and no one wants to miss out on these types of opportunities. With K2K, your customers will have access to all of your vendors’ inventory (Yes! Multiple vendors!) through your e-commerce for last-minute purchases.