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5 Steps Toward Great Inventory Management

Inventory control in the floral industry can be challenging! From shipments to aging and everything in between, the struggle to maintain an accurate inventory count is always present. That’s why we highly suggest the use of scanners for your inventory management. Granted, they are expensive, but the return on investment for a warehouse can be seen from miles away.

The scanning process within Komet Sales will allow you to receive and ship your inventory as well as keep it under control. Now, as far as warehouse operations go, these are just some of the things you can do if you’re using scanners through our platform:

Perform Basic Scanning Options

When you’re ready to start using scanners, you’ll first have to set it up so that it synchronizes with Komet Sales. Once you do so, you’ll have five basic options to choose from. These options cover all the necessary actions for maximum inventory control.

Handle Discrepancies Gracefully

Almost every time you do a physical inventory reconciliation you’ll find some type of inconsistency! By using scanners through Komet you can run a discrepancy report that will point out exactly what is wrong and where. Once you know where they are, you’ll be able to fix them in a few different ways. Check out our blog about warehouse management tips for more info on this.

Stop Overselling Products

Granted, this will be an effect on good inventory control. But just by using scanners, your team will be capable of seeing which products are available in real time while making orders.

Give Better Service

As you might see exactly what was shipped and when with option #2, you can provide your customers with tracking information from within Komet.

Use Less Labels

If you use scanners and you give vendors a Komet user account, they can print out Komet shipping labels and you can use these same ones as receiving labels which minimizes your internal process.

Are you ready to get rid of inventory nightmares? Join the hundreds of users already reaping the benefits of great inventory management!