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5 Ways to Automate Your Floral Processes

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Wednesday, Jul 05, 2017

What is process automation, really? It’s simply a term that describes the use of technology to make processes faster, easier and overall more efficient. Now, let’s talk about what it’s not! Process automation doesn’t mean getting rid of your collaborators or giving into technology altogether. With that said it’s important to determine, on an administrative level, which procedures are worth automating and the general suggestion here is to do so with repetitive and basic tasks.

As far as the floral industry goes, these are some of the many ways in which automation can benefit you and your team:

One-time Setup for Repetitive Orders

Why create the same order over and over again? It just doesn’t make sense. With Komet, you can make Standing Orders for  all recurrent customer requests to be generated every certain period of time or build templates for customer preorders and purchase orders which are available for when you are ready to place them so you can modify quantities and dates of shipment as needed.

Triggered Function to Create Invoices

You really shouldn’t have to manually make invoices for presold orders and you don’t have to! Komet allows you to activate the automatic billing option so that orders that are ready to be delivered can be invoiced. You can configure the system to automatically create those invoices once items are confirmed to the inventory or during the inbound scanning process.

Automatic Calculation of Additional Charges

Depending on your floral business operations, you may have some additional charges to take into consideration when creating invoices such as fuel surcharges or delivery charges. Komet provides you with the option to add these fees with a one-time setup and even configure when, how and for whom they will apply so your automatic billing will also reflect the pertinent information.

Product Rotation Notifications

When items have been on open market for too long, a customer no longer needs an order or there’s just simply too much stock of a certain variety, you need to let everyone know. To do so, just turn on Komet’s automatic sell fast option to notify all the sales staff about items that have reached the maximum age established in the system without taking any extra steps.

Recurrent Reporting Made Easier

We all have to create reports periodically, but do we? If it’s all the same information for certain periods of time, you can just create a preset report with our Business Intelligence tool and even have it scheduled to be sent by email every so often to a list of users of your choosing.

Saving time, lowering costs, avoiding human errors and allowing your staff to focus on the important activities are just some of the benefits of automating your business.

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Originally published Wednesday, Jul 05, 2017

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