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Armellini's Aelis 4 with Komet Sales

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Thursday, May 09, 2019

I’m Mark Sterling, vice president of Special Projects at Armellini and I’ve been working at Armellini for over 20 years where I started as a warehouse supervisor. I’ve been walking around Komet Sales’ offices, drinking a lot of coffee and all the good food Doña Emilia and Medellin has to offer on many trips that I’ve made to Komet Sales.

Our Working Relationship  

10 years ago, we hired Alex, Komet’s CEO and Dan, Komet’s COO, to create the Armellini consolidated website which to this day, runs efficiently.



We then found the necessity to update our operations system, Aelis 2 because it was outdated, glitchy and difficult to use. We also wanted to move all of our software onto a cloud so we looked at existing out of the box solutions but nothing really did exactly what we wanted. Here’s when we decided to go with a custom solution and contacted Komet Sales. We based our decision on:

  • The great work done on the consolidation website.
  • Our great relationship with Komet Sales.
  • Komet Sales’ willingness to help us out with whatever is needed.

What's In Store?

Now, the Komet team is working on the first release of Aelis 4, which will take orders from our shippers through XML Uploads, a REST API and through a website. The first release will improve broken XML processes and help get rid of many outages that we have been having with our current system. We will have 4-5 shippers shippers testing version 1 in June and then scale out testing to all of our shippers (including the Komet Sales integration) in July and go live in August.



We are very excited about our upcoming projects and I look forward to continuing our working relationship as I see how professional and knowledgeable the staff at Komet Sales is.

You guys rock!

Originally published Thursday, May 09, 2019

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