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Automation Equation in the Floral Industry

Quality is definitely a must for all floral companies, but how to find time to focus on your daily operations and find ways to improve these processes? It’s no secret that technology works as a major leverage for any market nowadays and in the floral industry, the best way to compete is by improving your efficiency, traceability and overall operations. Being able to process your operations all in one place helps save time and gives you greater control over your daily tasks.
Going a step further and automating your operations can give you much greater results. Let’s take a look at the top 3 processes you can automate with Komet to help maximize your sales.

Managing Orders

Imagine all the time your procurement team could save if this process was automated, not to mention lowering the risk of making any manual mistakes. But how does it work? Many times, you may receive the same order from a customer over and over again, but instead of processing the same request multiple times, with Komet, you can just create a standing order which basically does all the repetitive work for you over a certain period of time. Or if your team is constantly receiving Excel sheets, all they have to do is download the template format from the Prebook Summary Tab and upload the prebook onto the system. This process will not only be more efficient by saving time but also gives you a greater traceability of your orders’ status.

Managing Sales

This is the most important part of your business, the more sales you make, the more you grow. Imagine being able to sell products before they even arrive at your warehouse? With Komet’s Future Sales feature you can do just that, allowing your procurement team to automatically create Purchase Orders that once your vendor confirms them, your sales team can start selling, creating a larger sales window.
You can also save time from uploading products and calculating pricing by displaying your vendor’s inventory directly to your customers. This works with K2K, where your customers can pre-order any item from your vendor’s inventory and this order will be automatically generated in the vendor company for you, automating the whole process itself. In order to be able to benefit from K2K, the companies on both ends must be using Komet.

Automatic Billing

With so many customers your company is handling, billing can take much more time than expected. Luckily, Komet Sales offers the option to create and send invoices to your customers automatically. By activating the Automatic Billing option, the system can create invoices to those items already confirmed to the inventory or during the inbound scanning process. You don’t have to wait for the items to be shipped and you don’t have to worry about creating invoices manually, which really saves you time and avoids manual errors.

By automating your processes, you’ll be making time for more sales, strategic planning or any other ideas you may have for your company. Take advantage of technology in the industry and get ahead of your competition, with the constant evolution of the market itself, we must learn to adapt the more demanding needs our customers have. What are you waiting for?