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Challenges With Pod Manual Processes That Are Dragging You Down

Getting prompt proofs of delivery (POD) can be the difference between customer service and excellent customer service! The challenges of having a manual POD process can get even more complicated when there are large volumes of paperwork involved which means that the confirmation of delivery can sometimes be delayed due to unproductive manual intervention that causes inconveniences of all types- and nobody wants that!

The Challenges of a Manual POD Process:

Up-the-roof costs

The time required to process, archive, mail and then search for POD copies when required can become a pitfall when it comes to consuming time and resources. Manual POD involves numerous steps that consume time and resources.

Order error headaches

When something goes wrong with the shipment, order or transportation the first go-to is the POD. Some customers may refuse to pay if the order is missing products or there’s a complaint, the manual labor required to process a POD may cause collection delays.

More mistakes – cause we’re human!

Because manual systems are dependent on human involvement, there is a greater chance for errors, including misplaced or lost documents.

Just ok customer service

As mentioned earlier, being able to electronically send a POD to your customer at their request or as soon as it’s received can increase their confidence in your organization and overall, keep them happy which is always the goal.

If you want to overcome these challenges and maximize operating efficiency, one solution that more and more companies today are embracing is electronic delivery of POD documents. Once you automate your POD processes, you tackle all the issues above mentioned and the outcomes are greater efficiency and higher profitability.