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E-commerce Credit Card Processing

We’re excited to announce that we have finished the first phase of our integration with Stripe! This integration allows you to setup your customers with the ability to pay online with a credit card once they’re checking out their e-commerce orders. Once the payment goes through and it is successful, Komet will automatically apply that payment to the order relieving someone in A/R from having to manually post this payment.  The transaction details are saved with the notes within the payment details so that users from A/R can quickly find them in case that they’re needed.

So how does this work and what’s needed?

In order to receive online payments you’ll need to create an account with Stripe.  This can be done directly from Komet by going to Setup > Settings > Integrations > Stripe Integration (please keep in mind that only administrators can configure these options).  Once you enable the service you will be able to follow the Stripe setup process in order to create your account and link it to your Komet account.

Each customer must be setup in order to pay online.  In order to do this go to Setup > Customers and edit the customer that you’d like to setup.  On the “Setup” tab on the customer, click on the “Advanced” link and on the bottom section under “E-commerce Settings” enable the option to pay online.  Please note that this option will be only available after you have linked your Stripe account with Komet Sales.

Where will my payment money go to?

All payments will be directly received and processed by Stripe.

How much does this cost

Stripe has detailed their pricing structure on their website available here.  In addition to the processing fees from Stripe there’s a small convenience fee charged for each payment processed by Komet.  This amount will be automatically processed within your Stripe account and will be detailed as part of your transaction costs.

What are the benefits?

There are many:

  • You won’t have to store your customer credit cards since they’re automatically stored by Stripe who is PCI Compliant.
  • You can redirect your COD customers to shop online so that orders are shipped only when the payment is received.
  • Payments are automatically posted to your A/R accounts eliminating manual work by the A/R users.

As always if you have any questions about this please contact our support team.

Alejandro Pérez