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E-commerce Settings You May Not Know About

Although Komet’s e-commerce is low-maintenance, you still need to be sure to activate some settings to make sure everyone is able to do exactly what you want them to do. This setup will greatly depend on internal processes and restrictions, so make sure you choose whatever best fits your customer’s needs; after all, that’s why they’re there!

Note: For all you multi location users, just know that all settings can be done by location.

Aging Max & Min: Both aging dates can be set for the e-commerce platform. Whatever you choose in this setting will limit the products your customer will be able to see online, that is to say, only items within the range you choose will show up on your e-commerce.  

Quantity Cap: Sometimes you may not want your customer to know you have lots of on-hand inventory, so we created a filter that limits the quantity (boxes) that will reflect online per product. That means that if you set your cap at 20 boxes but have 200 Red Roses available to be sold, only 20 boxes will reflect online until the quantity actually declines to less than 20.

Cut-off Time: When your customer places an order, the system will tell them the order won’t go out that day if it is placed after the cut-off time you specify on your settings. For these orders, it will also take into account the carrier’s cut-off time – whichever one is earlier.

Allow to Place Orders in Advance: You can let your customers place orders up to 10 days in advance within the online store. This setting can be set to as low as 0 days which would mean your clients would only be able to make orders for the date in which they log in.

Hide On-Hand Inventory: If you ever don’t want anyone to see your open-market inventory through the e-commerce, just enable this feature. It becomes really handy if you want clients to only be able to see and purchase your Future Sales inventory or Vendor Availability products.

Show Future Inventory: If you, in fact, want your clients to be able to purchase the Future Sales inventory, you’ll have to activate this feature.

Automatic Web Hold: When you don’t want to show any of your products during a specific time frame, you can enable this automatic web hold. It helps you control rotation of any new items arriving.

Keep in mind that settings are administered only by users that have admin clearance. So if you want to configure one of the options mentioned above, be sure to ask the Komet Admin in your company. To know more about our e-commerce tool, check this out.