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Embracing Technology in the Floral Industry

The world is constantly changing and by this I mean, global warming, deforestation, pollution and economic crisis among other factors really have an impact on our lives...
Competition is fierce and customers are increasingly demanding more and more, so here is where the floral companies need to adapt their business practices by modernizing their tools to increase productivity. Technology itself has changed human behavior- we are now more fully informed before making a decision and being able to find exactly the right products/services to fit our needs/lifestyles.
That being said, as a floral company you must understand how the market has evolved. Specially because floriculture and the whole chain it unfolds requires excellent control, traceability and efficiency. For example, millennials are now more interested in purchasing flowers for special occasions rather than decorative purposes- this of course translating to having a higher volume in flower sales for special days. Needless to say, retailers and overall final customers are also changing the way they purchase floral goods. Having an online selling platform (putting an ‘e’ in front of your commerce) is now more of a necessity than a luxury to be able to satisfy your customers’ needs right on time- any time they may need it.
Talking about satisfying needs right on time, technology has also affected the whole chain behind delivering products to final customers. In the floral industry, this means that vendors and growers are far more accessible than they used to be, reducing costs and times in communication and shipping. Being able to have all of your vendors, processes and inventory in one place is now more a necessity to be able to survive in the very tough and competitive market within the floral industry. The digital era is no longer a myth or a far-future reality, it is here and it’s here to stay.
Floral companies are now focused on increasing their operational improvements and that’s where floral softwares like Komet Sales come in handy to be able to give them a major boost. Among many other benefits, being able to control inventory, sales and shipping processes and having another sales channel really gives floral companies an advantage in the industry. Just a couple of solutions Komet is bringing to the table to help companies get ahead are:
  • Internal communication by having orders confirmed directly from their vendors so they can start selling right away.
  • Purchasing products from vendors can be done automatically through standing orders on certain dates so having their inventory stocked and ready to be sold will never be an issue.
Are you ready to learn how to really take advantage of technology in your floral business?