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Enhance Your Knowledge With Komet Sales’ Training Program

In Komet Sales, we’re constantly thinking about how to facilitate our users’ experience. For that same reason, we are excited to launch the new Training Services to enhance our users' knowledge and increase their efficiency in their daily operations and sales.

These training courses are divided into several categories: Procurement, Sales, Komet to Komet, E-commerce, Vendor, Accounting, Warehouse and Admin. You will find different difficulty levels, depending on your Komet expertise, as well as different topics that will help you dominate our platform to it’s fullest. Our courses vary from Grower Portal Purchase Order Management, Purchase Orders Bulk Mode, Prebook Basics, Allocations and Future Sales, all the way to UPCs, Specsheets and Excel Uploads.

Don't worry about onboarding new team members. Let our experts take care of this training task and have your employees focus on their job and drive revenue. Other than onboarding, we offer constant upgrades on your Komet know-how, knowledge refreshment and continuous training on Latest Features. Our training services are designed for Wholesalers, Importers and Growers, to help increase professional knowledge and optimize the use of Komet Sales.

In addition to constantly thinking of ways to facilitate your navigation through the system, we want the courses to be fun and easy to take. For that same reason, we offer Onsite Training which means our experts are available to travel to your site to work directly with you and/or your team. We will provide customized training for your needs. We also offer Live Online Courses at any time and from any place, so it depends on the option that better fits you and your team. Our Training team has been successfully training users and companies within the floral industry for the past 10 years, helping to increase effectiveness, traceability and enhancing Komet Sales know-how, so what are you waiting for?