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Faster Printing, On Time Shipping!

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Komet has many solutions to offer your business to help make it better and faster, one of them is our Remote Printers feature, which speeds up your printing process.

All that your sales team needs to do is confirm the orders and the documents that were set up by Carrier and Location (if you’re a Multilocation company) will be automatically printed so that your warehouse team can access them and start shipping your customer’s orders on time. They also have the option to print these documents manually.

To be able to start printing remotely, you must install a printing component. Once installed, contact us so that we can help you set up the documents you want to print.

This feature can be used both manually and automatically and the documents you can set up to print are the following:

Manual Automatic 
Fulfillment Worksheet.
Receiving Labels.
UPC Labels.
Distribution Labels.
Bill of Lading.
Shipping Labels.
Pick Ticket.
Receiving Documents.

Bill of Lading.
Shipping Labels.
Pick Ticket.
Receiving Documents.


Do you still need more convincing? Here are some benefits this feature has to offer:

  • Faster sales process: now your sales team can print any documents needed for your product’s shipping when confirming the orders from any place any time, because these documents will be generated where the printer is located.
  • Efficient logistics process: faster printing means on time shipping! Your warehouse team will have all of the necessary documents to ship your customer’s orders on time, meeting the deadlines. If a third party manages your warehouse and logistics process, don’t worry, the printer can be set up wherever it’s needed and all of the documents will be generated there so that the shipping process can begin as soon as possible. 
  • Automatic printing process: all of the documents that are configured will be automatically printed without needing to download any file or setting up a printer for each member of the sales team, this definitely saves a lot of time. 
  • Centralizing the need for printing: with this feature, all of the documents you want to print  will be generated from the printer already configured, so that your sales team doesn’t have to run all over the office looking for them. 

So now that you know what Remote Printers is, what are you waiting for? Integrate your sales and logistics departments to have a more efficient shipping process.

If you think that we should consider other documents to be printed remotely, enter our Feedback Community and let us know. Also, if you want to learn more about our Remote Printers feature, read our whitepaper “Remote Printers: Centralizing Documentation Management”.

Faster printing, on time shipping!

Originally published Friday, May 25, 2018

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