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Floral Pricing, Are You Doing it Right?

How do you currently calculate your customer’s pricing? Is it based on ever-changing spreadsheets? Or is it a guesstimating game played by your sales department on a daily basis? You must know there are much better ways of doing so! Komet Sales has a few options when it comes to pricing, you can either wait until the price for a certain product is automatically suggested by the system based on landed cost and GPM settings or you can create Price Lists.

What are price lists and when should you use them?

Price lists are just a preset list of prices for particular products that, once associated to a customer, every Order and Prebook line item for that customer will automatically input the information previously entered.

These lists can be used for a few different purposes:

  • To give certain customers preferential pricing.
  • To restrict your sales team from changing the price for a particular client.
  • To provide different pricing for products during a specific season.
  • To display particular pricing through the e-commerce portal.
  • To limit the pricing by location for companies with multiple branches.

Using price lists can be very helpful for many reasons, such as overseas customers, price agreements with particular clients and so on. You can create as many price lists as you want and assign them to your customers, this way they will have adjusted prices based on the season, location, etc.