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Getting Ready for Floral Holidays

Holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means… the holiday rush is here! Ordering, Receiving and Shipping can be really hectic and lead to unhappy customers if they’re not done properly or on time, but luckily for you, we have the right tool to help you make those processes easier.

What would you think of the idea of not needing to wait for the product to actually arrive to your warehouse to be sold? Komet’s Future Sales allows you to sell inventory in transit to all of your customers through different sales channels.  

What if your team can’t stock up on the hottest flowers of the season? With this tool, your company can purchase items from farms. All you have to do is create a Purchase Order, which is sent directly to the grower and once this order is confirmed, your sales team can immediately start selling this product, saving you so much time and the most important thing.. preventing aging! You’ll be anticipating the rush, giving you a great advantage.

What if there isn’t enough time to sell your products? By locking prices with Future Sales, as well as quantities from pre-ordering products, your sales window is much larger (as well as your profit). It can pass from a couple of days to a couple of weeks (even more) and gives your company the upper hand to complete your customer’s orders on time.

What if your procurement team starts stocking up, but accidentally starts over-ordering products? This could be really confusing! But with Komet’s Future Sales, you can prevent buying more products than needed because your sales team will be able to view those products already ordered for future inventory, providing complete control over products in transit and at hand.

Having enough product and shipping them on to your customers on time is number one priority, don’t let these holidays scare you and start using tools to help have a greater inventory management and effective management. What are you waiting for? Get more information on Komet here!