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Greater Inventory Control, Greater Sales

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Friday, Aug 03, 2018

Keeping inventory up to speed is critical for any company to be able to function properly. In order to help boost your sales, you must first know what exactly you have at hand. Being in control and staying up to date with your inventory can help make your sales window much larger so that your sales team can successfully sell more products.  

More ways to display your inventory and increase your sales

Getting your inventory across doesn’t have to be so difficult, here are a couple of ways you can get ahead and show the right products to the right customers at the right time to increase your sales: 

  • Greater Inventory for your customers: Imagine being able to display your vendor’s inventory to your customers without having to upload any product from them or calculating any pricing. With Komet’s K2K, not only will you be able to give your customers a greater variety of products to buy, but you can also automate the purchasing process by allowing your customers to pre-order any product they wish to purchase and this order will be automatically generated in the vendor company for you. Short, simple and so convenient!   
  • Anticipate product orders: We all know that sometimes products have a high demand, especially on holidays; so being able to anticipate and stock up can really give you an advantage. But what if you can also sell these products before they even arrive at your warehouse, preventing aging? Komet offers a feature, Future Sales, allowing your company to purchase items from farms, by creating a Purchase Order that as soon as the farm confirms it, your sales team can start selling these products, saving so much time!
  • Display your vendor’s inventory: What if you just want to increase your inventory by displaying your vendor’s products, but still want your sales team to create the order? You can do this with Komet’s Vendor Availability. After your customers decide on a product to buy, the salesperson makes the order, the system then creates a Purchase Order that is later sent to the farm and finally confirmed, allowing you to make more sales by having more inventory to display. 

With your company selling products physically and online, you need to have complete control over your inventory to be able to prevent common selling mistakes such as selling the same box more than once, or selling a product you don’t actually have available. Having a reliable real-time inventory online for your sales team whenever and wherever they are also sums to the list of benefits a greater control over your inventory has in your sales.  

What are you waiting for, make your life simple with Komet today!

Originally published Friday, Aug 03, 2018

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