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Hard Goods Management made Easier and Faster

Komet Sales is now making hard goods management easier! Are you currently processing hard good purchases or sales on Komet? Now you can open boxes from the Add Order screen, automatically identify when a box must be opened and apply an additional Markup when selling hard goods by unit.

No need to switch from screen to screen, now when entering an order, you can scan products to be inserted into the order by using the keyboard shortcut Control + D within the Add Order screen. You can add item in units and boxes and the system will automatically identify when you need to open a box (for example when there are not enough units available). This can help save time in your process and give greater control over your inventory, allowing to open hard good boxes instantly as needed.

For even more automatization, the system can now automatically add a markup percentage to a specific hard good item when a box is opened to be sold by units. This means that from now on, the system will automatically update the hard good unit price when a box is opened, according to the markup percentage added in the hard good settings. As an additional feature, we’ve made the quantity and discounts field editable, giving you the flexibility you need.

Greater hard goods management improves your margin control and flexibility in selling. Take advantage of these updates today.