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How to Succeed as a Komet Sales Beginner User

We totally understand how difficult it could be to understand the whole performance of a system that it was developed to satisfy all the industry needs, and that’s the reason behind this blog. We want to give you a brief explanation of the basic tools you can find within Komet Sales.

Developed to increase efficiency!

  • Use scanners to automate your warehouse management.
  • Easily track all your products, from your warehouse to its final destination.
  • Manage all your users with a friendly platform.
  • Receive online payments.
  • Sell inventory in transit to all your customers through different channels.
  • Create new strategies to improve your processes and increase your sales.
  • Use tags to avoid spent time tidying up everything.
  • Our mobile app allows you to sell your flowers all over the world.

Learn more and more about Komet Sales

If you are one of those enthusiasts who love to learn by reading and researching, you can always find out more about Komet using our resources, which includes:

  • Knowledge Base: a complete digital library with interactive content like images, gifs, videos, and templates.
  • Blog: our space to teach you how to use Komet according to your daily operations.
  • Webinars: the best classroom you will ever find. This space was created to teach you how to use Komet to improve your processes. Here, you can talk to us, tell us your experience, and interact with some other Komet customers.
  • Whitepapers: a collection of documents you can download. These documents are full of details that will help you understand how to take advantage of our specialized tools.

Help us improve our system

Say goodbye to those old-fashioned platforms that don’t give you any flexibility at all. In Komet Sales, we understand that every customer has different needs so that we offer you the possibility to adapt the system according to your requirements, just leave your ideas and suggestions in our Feedback Community.

Constant Support

We support you through our multiple communication channels with anything you need. Whenever you have questions or doubts about Komet, you can write us at or call us at +1 (786) 206-0554. 

We believe in the strength of union, especially when it comes to help you optimize all your daily operations! Remember that Komet Sales is the system that gives you the best tools in the market, and that we are here to help you.

Just to give you another taste of how Komet can drive your business to the next level, watch our webinar about Business Intelligence and learn more about how to use the information that Komet helps you to collect, and create a new strategy to rock the industry.