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Komet to Komet: The Hidden Side of Things

Komet to Komet has a lot more possibilities than you might be aware of! During the implementation process, as a floral wholesaler, you are able to set up a few specific aspects that will make the subsequent process much easier – especially if you’re selling them through e-commerce. Let’s talk about a few of them here:

Markups adjust price on e-commerce

The customer markup adjusts the price on e-commerce for K2K products. This markup can be set to lower or increase the cost of the product by customer. It’s a great way to ensure your customers still receive their special pricing even through Komet to Komet.

Vendor mapping

You can map all your vendors so that the system auto-confirms certain products being sold in a process that is only setup once. Every time a specific vendor sends a list of available items, you can choose which products can be autoconfirmed- if any.

Price lists for e-commerce

In general, you can preset price lists and associate them to each customer so that your sales team doesn’t have to worry about inputting a price; it just gets automatically populated into the system when a product is chosen. If you want to make sure you never lose profit for K2K products or if these items need to have specific pricing, you can create a price list so that the price that reflects is the one in the price list instead of the price usually calculated for these products. However, there will probably be no need for this as the system calculates pricing based on your company’s GPM and financial settings.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of all the neat stuff you can do with the feature!