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Komet Tools to Improve Your Triple A Technique

Whether you’re getting ready for the floral holidays or planning your annual sales strategy; Komet has some tools to help complete your triple A technique and make your process a whole lot easier. Analyze, anticipate and advertise your products to increase your sales and optimize your strategies.


How do you know how much product you need to purchase to keep in your inventory and exactly how much are you expecting to sell? Run reports on our BI platform to be able to analyze previous sales/procurement stats and make a more accurate prediction/forecast to reduce product dumping and loss. This may already be part of your process, if it’s not, Komet has a complete BI platform (Komet Analytics) where you’re able to use default reports and customize them to help you keep track of all the transactions in your business in a certain time period. Keeping your data updated and available will not only help your company save time but also money. Take advantage of our BI tool and program reports to be sent to your team, just in time for the decision making process.


From gathering the right data above, you’re able to predict your customer’s preferences and/or purchase pattern. This will allow you to successfully anticipate their procurement needs and automate your processes. You can do so by using standing orders and prebooks based on standing orders to stock up on and supply your customer’s needs. Another great feature that will help integrate both your sales and procurement team is Future Sales. Here, your sales team is able to allocate future inventory to your customers, avoiding warehouse costs and increasing sales.


Speaking of Komet tools your team can take advantage of, Komet’s E-commerce allows an extra sales channel available 24/7 with minimum maintenance required. Manage your products online with real-time inventory, use our Promotional Message feature to promote a new product or a special promotion you want your customers to be aware of, increasing your probability of sales. Our Komet Sales Marketing team is available to aid with any marketing requirement to help promote your e-commerce platform and your products.

Our Triple A technique will help make getting ready for the floral holidays and business planning easier and faster.