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Recipes: Starting Points

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Monday, Jun 12, 2017

Being able to make Prebooks and Purchase Orders with pre-set bouquets is now a reality within Komet! Recipes is a brand new feature that allows you to enter bouquets as products in the system and use them as individual items.

But how to do you go about getting started with it? You must have a few questions about how it works, so we figured we would give you a few pointers for you to begin using it. These are just suggestions to help you organize the process with this new feature:

Create a Category for Recipes

When you’re ready to start adding recipes as products, the system will require for you to associate them to a category, so you might as well get that out of the way first. When you create new categories, you might want to mention the word “bouquet” or any other identifier you already use.

Create New Products as Recipes

This is the obvious next step. It will probably be best to make a list of the most common bouquets and/or the ones that your vendor is most likely to sell to you already made (if they already have a list of these get them to send it to you) so that it’s easier to start inputting the information. You will be able to associate stem quantities for each variety, hard goods and labor hours to bouquets and enter estimated costs for each item within the product, so make sure to gather this info before getting started.

Change Existing Products With Breakdowns

If you sell or buy bouquets already you were probably using breakdown or notes. Instead of having to enter the same note a thousand times, just change those common bouquets to recipes. Make a list of those as well and enter them along with your first batch.

Update Standing Orders with Breakdowns

Standing Orders will not be affected by any changes you make to existing products (that is if you change an existing product and make it into a recipe), be sure to remove and add the items again from the Standing Order.

Recipes is already available to all users with the upgraded plan. If you want to get started saving time, give us a call or contact us to activate this feature on your platform as well! If you want to learn more about how it works, read our white paper about it!

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Originally published Monday, Jun 12, 2017

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