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Setting Up Your Floral E-commerce for Success

Everyone wants to sell more! And all the benefits we’ve previously mentioned about using e-commerce basically boil down to just that. Maximizing sales through the e-commerce platform will come from two basic aspects: configuring all the correct settings for your users and the marketing efforts you dedicate to getting people to use the tool. Here are a few tips for you to discuss with both your sales and marketing teams that could really help you get the most out of the feature!

First things first: get people to your e-commerce site

Just like with any other e-commerce, your customers need to know that you have an online store. To get the word out you could:

  1. Simply send out an email blast with a link to the site.
  2. Include a Call to Action (button) on your company’s main page routing them to Komet.
  3. Post either on your blog or social networks about using your e-commerce.
  4. Add your social media to all invoices and include a link in your bio to the online store.

Through all your marketing efforts make sure to note somewhere that your customers will have to request access so you don’t get people to Komet and then have them leave because they don’t know how to enter.

When you get them there: show them what you’ve got!

Assuring your customers know how to use Komet’s platform is going to be directly proportional to the amount of orders they place through e-commerce. And although it’s pretty intuitive, you might want to make sure someone is guiding through the process at least the first time. This is how they’ll really get to know what items are available for sale, where to find them and how to place the orders just the way they like!

We also highly encourage everyone to use our general and promotional messages through e-commerce. This feature allows you to activate pop-ups on the screen when a user logs in for a specific period of time. Make sure to put a bit of spice on it and don’t set up just the text, add an image or make the whole message in a graphic piece.

Now give them what they want

Some of the worries people have when using e-commerce is that it just won’t be the same as talking to a real-life person but it doesn’t have to be like that! Remember that your online shop is a sales rep available 24/7 and it can be especially helpful when you have operations in various parts of the world. So make sure you set up your e-commerce with all the tools to give your customers the same benefits they would get when ordering through other channels.

  1. One thing you could do is activate the setting to show future inventory through e-commerce. This will allow your users to look at future dates and see what you will have available during that date range based on your Future Sales orders.
  2. If you’re activating the setting above, you will also have to do so for letting your customers place orders in advance which can be set for a max of 10 days.
  3. Remember that Vendor Availability and Komet to Komet run through our e-commerce – This means less work for sales and more orders being placed!

The key thing here is to tell your customers they can do all these things because if you activate the settings without announcing them, they just won’t know it can be done – and how do we look for something we don’t know exists?

On a previous post we went over all the settings you should keep in mind for e-commerce, so make sure you check them out to see all the aspects you might want to take into consideration when setting up your e-commerce for success.

If you’re still not so convinced about using your e-commerce, you’re going to want to see our full explanation on the topic.