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Standing Orders: A Solution for Recurrent Requirements

To handle recurring orders in the floral industry it’s important to analyze how customers decide to purchase flowers and the factors that influence those choices. That information lets you properly estimate the demand and establish behavioral buying habits so you can have better control of inventory rotation.

Some of the biggest floral companies use standing orders to manage this type of customer or recurring open market sales and ensure having a wide variety of flowers allowing them to price items at a profit. Whether it’s for the floral holidays or because customers request the same products repeatedly, it’s better for businesses with high volumes of orders to have an automated process that guarantees fresh product at all times.

But why are standing orders so important? They are the perfect way to give procurement teams enough time to order from the grower, enabling each party to save money. Also, the sales teams can avoid the process of manually generating orders for the same client with the same products over and over again.

Komet gives you the option to create Standing Orders and automate the process up to the Purchase Order phase. It is simple, just take a look at it and start using this feature!

Creating a New Standing Order

If you have customers that request the same quantity of flowers within a specified period of time, the system allows you to create as many Standing Orders as you need. To generate one, you just have to make sure to enter the correct information about week frequency (every 1 week or every 2 weeks, etc.), establish the day frequency within a week, select a start and end date for these orders. If needed, the end date can be left blank.

Within Komet Sales, Standing Orders are a really practical and effective way of generating Prebooks automatically based on the information previously discussed and even have these pre-sold orders be automatically invoiced!

Selling Recipes From Standing Orders

We have written several blogs about recipes and the importance of selling bouquets to excel in the industry. Selling recipes through Standing Orders is no different. Your sales team can create them with these products and they will be identified with a blue star.

Find the Information you Need From the Standing Order Summary Screen

In the Standing Orders Summary screen, sales and procurement teams can display all the available filters to search for the specific order they want to review. The system will show, for example, all the SO’s for which the cost or vendor information is missing, it will quickly identify the last date Prebooks were generated from a given Standing Order, as well as perform actions such as: Delete, Cancel or Edit Vendors and Costs. New changes applied to a pre-existing SO can be notified to the vendors by email, directly from the platform, for your convenience.

Automate Sales and Procurement Processes

Through the SO automated process you can generate Prebooks based on Standing Orders. If you need to create a Prebook from a SO manually, you can do it without any restriction regardless of the starting date, ending date, or their recurrence. You can also associate a Purchase Order to Standing Orders, either manually or automatically.

Start using this feature now and automate sales and procurement processes to make your daily operations simple! At the same time provide quality products, competitive pricing and the service your customers need. If you want to know more about Standing Orders contact one of our experts.