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Stay Connected With Your Key Business Partners

Have you thought about globalization lately? We rarely ever do even though it influences most aspects of how we conduct business nowadays. If you think about it, there’s a really good chance you haven’t met your vendors or customers personally. In fact, some of you may be reading this from home right now because you are working remote. So if how we interact with each other is different now, why are we still trying to stay connected in the same way?

To bridge the gap between the key players of the floral industry, Komet Sales has designed a few tools to help you stay connected:

With Your Vendors

Miles and miles away from you, miscommunication with your vendors is very likely. Not being connected with providers in real time can lead to problems related to delays in shipments and quality control concerns. Komet’s free unlimited users for vendors gives them access to the online vendor portal where they can view and confirm your purchase orders as well as upload their invoices, print shipping labels, review their shipments and a lot more. Once you get your vendors to use the vendor portal, you are one step ahead of the game!

With Your Customers

Depending on whether you have grower, importer or wholesale operations you may have different proximity to your customers but when it comes to staying connected with them you want to make sure to keep all your channels open. Much like with the vendor portal, Komet offers unlimited free user accounts for your customers to access your Komet e-commerce platform. They can buy your products 24/7 through your own online shop! Komet’s e-commerce displays the information you already have set up in the system for your daily operations making it easy to manage. Find out more through the unlimited power of using an e-commerce.

With the World

Space isn’t the only gap to be bridged when we talk about globalization. Culture, language and currency rates are everyday hurdles to be surpassed. We can help! As a first instance, every single user can select their own language so that it’s easier for everyone to navigate the system in a language in which they are most comfortable.

Secondly, operations in various parts of the world is now more real than ever as a lot of floral importers have their own farms abroad. That’s why it’s important to be able to work with multi-currency so you can select the currency in which you would like to sell your products and a different one in which your vendors sell products to you as well as include an exchange rate so that your Purchase Orders reflect the equivalent of the cost in your own currency.

All in all, connectivity is a challenge and it is everyone’s job to stay communicated as best as possible. With the new tools available it really is easier than ever to reach out to all parties involved in your business transactions and stay connected in real time, 24/7.