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The Before and After of Customer Credits

Komet is constantly looking for new ways to continue to make your life easier, that’s why we want to share these changes with you. After several requests and so much waiting time, it’s finally here! If your company is currently managing customer credits, you must learn about the new changes Komet made to facilitate this process. To better understand these changes, let’s take a look at how the process works up until now:


Before After
  • Credits must be associated to an invoice.
  • Credits must be associated to a product (within the invoice). 
  • One invoice cannot be associated to multiple credits. 
  • To be able to search for a credit, you must filter through the invoice number.
  • You can view each credit’s status individually. 
  • Users can now create standalone credits, a credit that’s not associated to an invoice.
  • One invoice may be associated to several credits.
  • Credits will now have their own number and they may filter through this credit number.
  • They can view each credit’s status grouped by invoice number (if there are multiple credits associated).

How does it work?

As seen above, previously, you had to associate a product within an invoice when assigning credits to a customer, but now, you have two options. The first option is to create one or several customer credits for an invoice. The second option is to create a standalone credit, which will not be associated to an invoice. When creating this standalone credit, you must associate an additional charge and enter the credit amount in these spaces.

By using either one of these options, your new credit will have its own credit number, which you will be able to filter with instead of filtering with an order number. You may also search for a credit filtering with credit dates. In case you wish to edit a credit, you will be able to modify the credit amount and date and add comments after creating said credit.

It’s important to remember that when creating a credit associated to an invoice, the credit starting date must be superior to the invoice date. We also want to remind you that the users who have access to approve credits are Administrators and Credit Managers. The users who have access to the Standalone Credit tab are Credit Managers, Administrators, Sales and Sales Managers.

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