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The Floral Industry and Digital Marketing

Some of you may think the floral industry and current digital marketing strategies don’t work well together, however, we are completely sure this post can help you get a better idea as to what digital marketing can really do for you and your company.

Let’s start by giving a quick review of the current floral industry. Right now, according to the information published by The Florist Guide, there are at least 60.000 floral businesses around the world, which actually means that it’s a highly competitive market, and even though the USA accounts for most of that market, as of September 2017 more than the 70% of the flowers were exported by Colombia.

A competitive market needs competitive strategies, and that’s exactly what digital marketing can do for you! Leave in the past those old-fashioned prejudices and stop telling yourself that the floral industry doesn’t need digital marketing.

Start your digital marketing strategy

The first step will be to choose your business goals depending on your target market and what you want for your company, for example:

  • Gain more fans.
  • Enhance customer service.
  • Be a leader in the industry.
  • Show specialized processes to everyone.
  • Increase sales.
  • Find new allies in the floral industry.

Try to set a deadline for your goals and be quite detailed about what you want, and once you have clear all your targets it is time to draw your driveway.

Step by step: The road to success

  1. Determinate your budget for advertising in search engines (Adwords and Analytics)and social networks.
  2. According to your previous goals, select the metrics you may need to see if your marketing strategy is successful.
  3. Select the right social media platform for your goals, just try to remember that not because it exists, it means you need to use it.
    • Facebook and Instagram are for emotional content and gain new leads.
    • Twitter is quite good to communicate with your customers because its format could be used as a notification center.
    • LinkedIn allows you to connect and interact with other
      commercial partners.
    • Youtube helps you to create valued content to use on your other networks.
  4. Let people know everything about you by registering your data on other websites.
  5. Open new sales channels by implementing an e-commerce platform or a mobile app with multiple payment methods.
  6. Remember, the social media are meant to create conversations, so don’t be afraid to recognize the success of other local businesses.

Actionable Advice!

To convince you about the effect of a powerful marketing strategy we want to give you a to-do list, so you can see with your own eyes, what happens when a floral business embrace the technology.

  1. Find out what is the company you would like to compete with in the future, and review how your competition works like.
    As they are the company you would like to compete with in the future, then they already have reached what you want for your company. Try to see if their presence in social media is strong, and how people interact with them. We are completely sure that the result will blow your mind.
  2. Finally, start creating high-quality content for your public.

Another main fact you can take into account is that the current customers, employees, and commercial partners are millennials, which it means the industry is on its way to the future, and that is the same road your business should follow.

See your digital marketing strategy as a good reason to gain a renowned presence in the market, where you will need to introduce to your customers your brand and what your company offers in comparison with other companies.

Just tell the world how you cultivate flowers, distribute them, who are your greatest allies, and how you feel passionate for what you do, and by doing this, you will indirectly create a community that will increase your brand engagement.