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The Full Comparison Between K2K and Vendor Availability

We already talked about Vendor Availability and Komet to Komet individually, how they both integrate the supply chain and we even talked about the benefits of using K2K as it’s a tool that really drives productivity but the question at hand is really how are they different? Let’s point out the main differences so we can all grasp it easily:

Furthermore, K2K goes one step further than Vendor Availability in the sense that it automates the entire flow from the moment the customer places an order online or your sales team creates a Prebook creating a PO automatically, sending it to the vendor and invoicing (this also happens if you make a PO for K2K products). While VA only creates the purchase need and everything else must be processed as usual.

We can all be relieved to understand how it works and when it should be used. There’s plenty more to learn about these two features! To see how Komet to Komet works for yourself, request a demo specially for this tool.


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