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Top 3 Signs You Need a Floral Software

The floral industry is constantly becoming more and more demanding with so many changes in the market and in our customer’s behavior. At times like these is when competition gets fierce and we really need to modernize our tools to increase productivity. To be able to get ahead, you might be overlooking some processes that can be made significantly easier. Have you ever struggled with manual processes and feared you might be taking too long to complete them? If so, maybe it’s time to upgrade and start using a floral software. Here are top 3 signs that you need a floral software.

Communication Breakdown

Let’s say you get an order for three full boxes of orchids for two weeks but don’t exactly have it all in your inventory. No problem, let’s contact the vendor, right? What if while filling out your spreadsheet you left one full box? So you send another email to your vendor but then the order gets mixed up and now you only have one full box and just one week to go until you have to ship your products out. There is an easier way to avoid this mixup and improve your communication with your vendors. With a floral software, you can easily modify your Prebooks (or order) and your vendor/supplier can simply confirm and send over your products- no need to send multiple emails and spreadsheets- Automate your manual processes and start selling more!

Lost and Found

Have you ever just had random boxes laying around that you nor your team haven’t got a clue if they belong to a vendor or a customer? It’s so easy to lose control over your inventory; imagine getting all of your product ready to ship but then realize that you’re actually missing boxes. What will be your first step to find it and where will you register it?
We all know that the floral holidays are quite hectic with boxes coming in and out. But in case the rush wasn’t enough, let’s talk about the aftermath! Getting back on track can be so time-consuming. With floral softwares like Komet, you’re able to easily scan these boxes (as received, shipped, returned, etc) and regain control over your inventory. This will not only save you time, but also help you sell easier and faster because you know exactly what you have and where it is.

Pricing Trouble

Selling flowers is not such an easy task- actually having expert knowledge and advanced quality control is only the first part of it. Let’s add pricing to the mix too and it adds on to the complexity!
Many times, customers base their purchasing decisions on pricing. Ever lost a sale by setting a price too high or too low? Do you keep in mind your GPM and/or Markup when setting your prices? Are you often confused with so many numbers and terms? Pricing can actually be one less thing to worry about with a floral software. Komet Sales even offers pricing hacks for the floral holidays so that you’re always in control of how much you make in profit and how much to sell your products for each customer.

If any of these signs seem familiar to you, maybe you should save time from all your manual processes and upgrade to a floral software and make room for what’s really important, selling! Taking one step closer to embracing technology in the industry can really give you the upper hand and allow you to optimize your processes and maximize your sales!