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Top 5 Komet Tools for the Floral Holidays

Floral Holidays are just around the corner! And working on the best deals for all your flowers and supplies is the most important aspect to consider before the rush. Ordering early will help you save money and obtain the best selections according to the styles of each season.

To accomplish that goal you need a system that allows you to do so and provides you the tools needed. Komet Sales has several tools that could help you consider important aspects that should be taken into account during holidays such as prices, additional holiday costs and fees, vendors, inventory and recurrence in the orders.

In this blog, we are going to talk about 5 features that would make everything easier to carry on this task in the floral holidays:

Holiday Orders

During the holidays, your clients order more flowers -well-known fact- but the real point is that you need to be one step ahead and have a solid plan about how to access more quantity of flowers at lower prices and thus offer more varieties to your customers. In the system, you can create Holiday Orders (Doubles) for those clients who want to double up their orders during the holidays without affecting the Standing Order template used for the automatic generation of Prebooks and POs.

Promotional Messages

If you sell flowers through Komet’s e-commerce, during the holidays you can use General and Promotional messages to spread the word about important information of the season and not be restricted to just delivering orders. Share relevant floral holiday promotional information with your customers and set yourself apart, by keeping your clients informed about new varieties or special prices you set up for those dates. Just keep in mind it is available for the list experience only.

Price Lists

Sometimes you want to assign a price to certain clients for specific products on a particular holiday. With Komet you can do it! You just have to establish a price list so then you can go ahead and create the holiday price list that you will link to your customers. On that list, you can include several seasons, increase or decrease the prices based on a percentage or dollar amount, associate different product varieties and specify the range of dates during which this holiday seasonal price list will be valid.

Financial Settings

Keeping track of the different costs and fees that may be associated to a holiday season will help ensure you set up the appropriate selling price for your products. In the system, you can input the AWB freight and handling costs for each port based on seasons, set the fuel surcharge rate amount per port of origin and box type and configure additional charges in order to calculate or add them automatically to the invoices.

Note: The fuel surcharge must be set the night before or on the exact date it will take effect for the system to consider it.

Double up on Future Sales

If you prepare for the holidays using Future Sales orders, you can generate Double Orders to have items in advance while maintaining the required holiday availability that will be automatically depleted as salespeople pre-sell it through Prebooks! Also, you can generate future inventory availability reports to start offering your clients this flowers during the holidays.

Make the most of every sales order, purchase order and costs within a single system! Find out more information by reading our blog 5 Quick Tips for the Floral Holidays!