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Understanding Standing Orders: 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know

We have talked about Standing Orders and the importance of handling recurrent customers orders but this feature is a world in itself and offers a lot of options to manage your team’s processes correctly. Maybe you have used several actions already but let’s talk about 7 things you probably didn’t know:

Locking a Standing Order

The system gives Procurement Managers and Admins the option to lock Standing Orders as to avoid possible changes that would be normally done by the sales team. But if you want to unlock them at some point you can do it too! The process is simple, through the Standing Order Summary screen you just go under the Actions column and click on the “Lock” or “Unlock” option.

Reactivate a Standing Order

If for some reason you have canceled a Standing Order, the system allows you to reactivate it! You don’t have to worry about losing the information inputted and saved in it, you can recover every detail easily.

Keep in mind that this option will only appear for those Standing Orders with a canceled status and once it’s reactivated, the system will start from then on the automatic generation of Prebooks according to the settings for Standing Orders you have configured.

Future Sales from a Standing Order

Instead of beginning with a Purchase Order, this sales process starts with a Standing Order assigned to the Future Sales customer which then, depending on the SO settings established, generates manually or automatically a PO, not a Prebook. Once the products are confirmed by the vendor they will go right into the Future Inventory where the sales team can see the products and offer them to customers (even if the products are not actually in the warehouse). To learn more about Future Sales, check out our webinar What is Future Sales and How to Use it.

Standing Order Items Without Price

Sometimes your sales team can sell flowers under or above the price they should be sold. To deal with this topic you can create an SO without a price so that the system suggests it according to the Financial Settings and GPM established.

Note: The price has to be blank and, when it is saved, a red icon will be displayed in the “Price” column.

Knowing Prebooks Generated from Standing Orders

Now, users can quickly identify which Prebooks have been generated from a given Standing Order on the Standing Order Summary screen. The system will display the Prebooks generated by the Standing Order chosen and will automatically open the detail of the first Prebook created according to the filters.

Note: Standing Orders for the Future Sales customer don’t have this option available since those orders don’t generate Prebooks.

Special Instructions/Comments

There are orders with special instructions or particular specifications and the sales team needs to communicate that information to the procurement team. While users are creating the SO can add notes to any item.

Ship To for Standing Orders

If your customers have multiple shipping addresses, you can select the alternate shipping address in a Standing Order through the field Ship To. This way, you can deliver your flowers to every customer Ship To no matter where they are.

Standing Orders are the best way to start planning ahead for the holidays so don’t wait any longer and get started! Set them up just how you need them and get your ducks in a row in time for the busy season. If you want to know more about this feature, you can contact one of our experts to answer all the questions you have and give more tips about it.