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Using Recipes to Excel in the Floral Industry

Bouquets’ sales in the floral industry represent a large percentage of the overall income and a strong growth rate worldwide. Even experts recommend, when you start selling flowers for the first time, begin with bouquets and then move to quantities of single species.

Due to the importance of bouquets, vendors are always offering their clients new bouquets as a labor-saving option and buyers are not behind, they are always looking for variety from simple boutonnieres to a full-on bower of flowers to buy.

If you are a company that wants to excel in the industry with product categories such as bouquets or flower arrangements with complementary items and wants to contemplate every detail that composes them in a system that shows them to your customers to be sold easily, Recipes is a feature that could interest you.

We previously talked about Recipes in our blog post Recipes: Starting Points where we mentioned how to start using this feature. Now we are going to show why you should be using it!

Recipe Total Cost Calculations

When you create a recipe on the platform, you include information such as flowers, hard goods, labor hours and other materials with their respective costs. With the aggregate amount of all the items you input, the system calculates the recipe’s total cost of each bouquet automatically. No more manually calculation of prices, Recipes does it for you!

A Faster Sales Process

Recipes are configured only once so your sales team doesn’t have to specify each component manually when they place an order for a customer requesting a bouquet, but if any element needs to be modified, the system also allows you to do so. At the same time, salespeople can create a Prebook Template with a product-type Recipe saving them time with the Prebook process and if you have clients that buy bouquets recurrently, you can create Standing Orders with Recipes.

Sell Recipes Online

You can sell your bouquets through Komet’s e-commerce. All the products you have configured as a Recipe are shown with their respective photo (when you add one) so that your customers can identify them easily. This way, you show all the variety of inventory you have to offer through this sales channel.

Vendors’ Purchase Orders

You can order Recipes from your vendors through a Purchase Order in the system. When a PO includes recipe-type products, the system will carry on that information to the vendor’s portal and will reflect the breakdown so that your vendor is able to fulfill your order without you having to manually input any of the information. Also, if you create your own bouquets, you can also request the components you need to create Recipes in-house by purchasing assorted boxes, allowing you to blend different cut flowers so you don’t end up with too many unsold stems of individual varieties.

With Recipes, you can boost your sales, sell these products 24/7 in your online store, ensure offering variety to your clients and keep up with the industry’s trends successfully.