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Using Scanners Within Komet Can Take Your Business to the Future

Improving the industry techniques

Komet is 100% committed to the floral industry, and that means, we are working to make your daily operations easier than ever. Thinking about the costs involved in the warehouse management process, Komet allows you to have full control of your inventory by using scanners. Its benefits can include saving time in the training of new staff, and the protection of your inventory by avoiding mix-ups inside your warehouse.

Say goodbye to complex processes

It doesn’t matter what type of scanner you buy, it only requires to have access to the Internet and a SSH connection. In fact, you can use smartphones to scan your flowers too, but you must get an app that allows the SSH connection needed.

The initial setup is really easy, and even any employee can do it for you, so leave your fears aside and get ready to take your business one step toward. Komet can give you the access to connect your scanner to the system and as such, everything will be automatically synchronized.

Saving more than ever

This warehouse management process will save you time in terms of training your staff as they won’t have to memorize all the racks in your warehouse because a simple code can tell them the exact location of each product.

Remember! Scanning a simple label code will synchronize the information in real time, saving you a lot of money whenever you are receiving, shipping, updating, opening, or building boxes.

Minimize the margin of error and protect your inventory

Handwriting codes can be a frustrating task, especially because of the errors it can cause. Using scanners can help you prevent mistakes and mix-ups. Your inventory management can be easily traceable and auditable.

See below the main differences between a company using scanners or not using scanners within Komet:

Using Scanners With Komet

  • Properly track your products with detailed information
  • Know how much boxes you have received
  • You can double-check your inventory
  • You are not going to oversell products
  • Full control of your warehouse management
  • Do a proper inventory reconciliation guided by the system for a precise physical and virtual inventory
  • Know and update box location
  • Less time spent

Not Using Scanners With Komet

  • You can’t see the boxes received on an AWB
  • Receiving process is manual
  • Track boxes in the warehouse by recounting them manually
  • You can track and confirm sold boxes
  • You have to assume the boxes received belong to a certain AWB
  • You must do your inventory reconciliation manually
  • Your employees need to remember the box location
  • More time spent

Into the system

If you decide to start using scanners to improve your warehouse management, take into account the following information to take advantage of these devices.

Scanners in Komet can benefit three main sections of your operations within the system, Tracking, Inventory, and Shipping.

First of all, in the Tracking tab, you can know exactly the status of your products and double-check easily your actual inventory if you need to, in consequence, your inventory will be more precise.

Finally, the most impacted section would be the Shipping tab in which you can do a precise inventory reconciliation and it allows you to know the box locations.

The earlier your business updates those old techniques, the better! Don’t think too much about it, embrace technology and make a difference in your management processes.

Watch now our webinar Warehouse Management: The Processes You Need to Learn, in which you will find how to use scanners to locate lost boxes, the steps to assign pullers, blocking specific scanning options, and more.