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What is Vendor Availability and Why Do You Need It?

We have all been there at some point. Working those spreadsheets, trying to figure out what items are or will be available and keeping track of multiple vendor information. This task can be very time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be, or at least not with us. Vendor Availability is an optimal way of uploading the availability your vendor wishes to share with you and have it on your platform for the sales team and customers to see. The data of both current and projected inventory will be automatically displayed on Prebooks, Stand Alone Purchase Orders (PO) and E-commerce.

So, why is Vendor Availability important?

Well, not only will you or your vendor be able to upload a single file with all the information regarding the available items, but you will also be able to see which orders have been placed under that projected inventory and what quantity your vendor still has available as it calculates total quantity versus items sold.

This means the sales team is able to make Prebooks, customers will be able to place orders through e-commerce and procurement can place PO’s based on future availability. All orders made taking into account Vendor Availability will automatically generate a PO to be confirmed for the specific item, quantity and vendor selected.

What an incredible advantage it is to be able to view the availability of multiple vendors and purchasing items based on availability, viewing and comparing costs prior to placing orders and having accurate information about your vendors in real time. You have access to this as well, just contact us to activate it.